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Advice From An Obsessive Odds Finder
I am a very calm and relaxed person by nature…on the surface at least but underneath lies an obsessive addictive personality that has nearly ruined me more than once.
These are not good traits for a gambler to posses. In fact you could not find a worse hobby to apply yourself too with the aforementioned crosses to bare.
My obsession with best odds is no different. This is one area that obsession can be a good thing.
I just can’t stand it if a horse wins at a better price than that I took at the time of the bet. It annoys me more than a horse losing because the money was there for the taking.
You might think I should be grateful that the horse won at all and I am but only if I get best odds or near enough for it not to affect my profits too much.
Not getting best odds can dramatically affect your long term chances of making money gambling which as we all know is not an easy thing to do.
Look around the net and you will see tons of tipsters that only make money at advised prices. Personally I like my systems to do the business at starting price which is the worst odds you could possibly get most of the time.
This is a prime example of how betting at better odds can turn you from a losing punter into a winner.
Even a small difference in odds can add up long term. If you are consistently winning at 5/2 when 11/4 is available at other bookmakers day to day you might not notice until you look at your yearly figures.
I have accounts with every bookmaker in the land and when you become reasonably succesful you will need them because the bookies will stop you betting.
It sounds ridiculous but it happens, I don’t bet huge amounts but I would like to get more than 12p on which is what a certain Irish bookmaker allows me to have on some bets.
When this happens having extra accounts becomes essential.
My obsession with best odds has been made more bearable in recent years with bookies offering best odds guaranteed.
Best Odds Guaranteed means you will get paid at larger odds if a horse drifts. This has made life a lot easier for me.
Before I would back a horse in the morning only for it to drift and still win meaning I had lost out on sometimes very decent amounts.
I remember one of my biggest ever wins was on a horse that was 9/1 in the morning and won at 16/1! This was after BOG thank god.
Oddschecker is a great source for…. well, oddschecking and I use itevery day and you should too.
These days I am a lot calmer when it comes to betting but I must admit to something which does me no favours. I will sometimes leave a bet for no other reason than I missed the better odds.
This is not a recommended betting style, in fact these are the actions of an imbecile. Even if the odds are still value in my opinion I will leave it and this is a side to my gambling that still needs improving.
I learn something new about this game everyday and if only one of you reads it and it helps than I will have done my job.
If you have gotten this far in my little rant I sincerely thank you and look forward to sending you more in the future.
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