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It is impossible to win every race. Duh! But if you’re the type who sits in a shop backing from race to race, or sits at home doing the same, here are some interesting pointers.

The top tipster in the Newspaper Challenge this year is Rob Wright of The Times, with an excellent 26% strike rate and a loss of 6.22% of all stakes invested. Across 8673 picks, that’s pretty good going.

But blindly backing favourites this year would have yielded a 35% strike rate (more winning favourites this year than usual), and a loss of 7.01%

‘Favourites’ sits second in the newspaper challenge behind Rob Wright, with all other ‘paper tipsters lower down.

However, if we look at the national newspaper ‘nap’ selections, we get a very different story.

There are fully seventeen newspaper tipsters in profit with their naps. The pick of the pickers is currently Blackpool Gazette’s Steve Simpson, who is over 31 points in front.

My point here is that selectivity is much more likely to lead to profit than trying to bet every race.

If you must bet every day, no problem. Have that ‘action bet’ sub-bank ready. It makes sense that if you’re following a system you trust, or you fancy one, you should be having a bigger bet than if you just want to have a wager.

There’s nothing at all wrong with ‘just wanting to have a wager’. I do most days. But I might have a tenner (or a fiver) on a 6/1 shot. Or I might even have two quid on a longer priced thing, for an interest. This is different from when I fancy something, and the stakes reflect that.

The numbers in the stakes above are unimportant. Some bet more, some less. The material point is that when betting for fun, use smaller stakes.

When betting based on a view, bet your normal stake. And be selective.

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