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Beautiful Boring Baresi

One of the most ridiculous statistics since statistics began belongs to Paulo Maldini and the legendary Franco Baresi.

It is so ridiculous that many people just won’t believe it. It sounds like a mistake, something you would not even see on Football Manager.

In years to come we will be thinking the same about the goal scoring records of Messi and Ronaldo, looking back in disbelief wondering how it was all possible.

If there was ever a defensive duo that could stop them it was this one.

Paulo Maldini and Franco Baresi were masters at their trade and stood firm on occasion as a defensive partnership at the heart of the best defence ever, the Milan side of the late 80s and early 90s.

They partnered each other on 196 separate occasions. Maldini of course was best known as a left back, the best ever in many eyes but when he stepped into central defence the magic really started.

During those 196 matches they conceded just 29 goals, just think about that for a second, 29 goals in 196 matches.

It all feels like a dream 30 years later but if you were around to witness it you probably would have had a dream or two during the games, boy were they boring to watch.

The Italian teams were by far the best in Europe at the time, they concurred Europe most years helped by the cream of overseas talent but it could be hell to watch at times. Boring boring Arsenal hailed from the same period and it really is a good job they never met unless you were after a good sleep.

Joking aside, Maldini and Baresi were amazing to watch for the football purest, videos of these two together are still used today and will be forever. A record like theirs will never be beaten.

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