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Don’t Be Afraid…….To Paper Trade.

Good Morning

Allow me to ask you a question if I may.
Which is worse?
You buy a nice shiny new system or tipping service which has had a great run only to see the first few days bets lose lose lose?
You buy a nice new shiny system or tipping service which has had a great run and decide to paper trade for the first few weeks only to see the first load of bets fly in at big prices meaning you miss the winners?
Answer = Both feel terrible. In fact the second option can feel worse than the first.
Which option is the right thing to do?,
It’s obvious right?
It is yes. only one of these has cost you any money in real terms.
One shows a patience and a betting maturity and one is what most of us would do…..
Even with my own system the sales page said that you can try it risk free.
Risk free means just that but only if you paper trade.
If you aren’t sure paper trading is just keeping an eye on the results without risking any cash.
It is hard to do, it takes discipline and patience but eventually you will feel good about it even if you miss a few winners or losers as the case may be.
When I launched my system I had people complaining after 3 losers in a row! One guy even refunded straight away!
He also missed the next 3 bets which were all winners!
This is a guy that had a 60 day guarantee, he still had 54 days left to make his mind up.
I can guarantee you he will have tried 10 systems since then and refunded them all while losing a ton of cash.
If you absolutely must bet on the selections use small stakes and build up after the confidence has grown.
Money is hard to come by at the moment, caution is good, caution will pay in the long run.
Thanks for reading and good luck


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