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Jackpot/Placepot Tactics


The placepot and Jackpot bets are underrated ways of winning a nice amount with a small stake. They can hold your interest throughout a racing card for as little as you want to bet.

The Jackpot can pay as much as 200k and the placepot has been near 10k at times.

The placepot is much easier to win and in theory it sounds like a great bet. Six horses to place must be easy? It can be on some days. All the favourites place which means anybody can win it.

Unfortunately if all the faves place you will usually win a tiny amount . What we are hoping for is that we have chosen some big prices which place while the favourites don’t leaving less people in the winning pool.

You can have as little as 10p a line on the placepot and 50p on the jackpot.


It is a little known fact that many pro punters will have these kinds of bets often putting thousands in the pool if the jackpot is already big.

The jackpot is hard to win make no mistake. One winner is difficult enough to find at times but to pick 6 all at the same meeting is almost impossible to do but there is hope.

We must cover multiple lines to have any chance but choose too many horses and your stake size will become massive.

My tactics will not suit everyone and will probably be laughed at in some quarters but I have won the jackpot twice using these tactics so I can say first hand it works.

For a start I don’t bet everyday on the jackpot/placepot or even every week. I wait for the opportunities to come along and then have a decent bet.

I am looking for a jackpot meeting where I have 3 strong fancies in 3 of the races. Horses that could easily win their respective races.

If all goes to plan that will leave us with just 3 races to go at. Ideally these races will have weak favourites and big fields. I will then cover 2,3 or 4 horses in each race sometimes more depending on the size of the win pool. This usually means between 36 and 92 lines. Still a decent sized bet but I do not do this very often. Like I said I have won the jackpot twice using these selective tactics.

Even these tactics will not win very often but when they do they will pay nicely.

It is after all a bit of a lottery but the important difference is you are not choosing numbers at random, you are using a bit of skill to beat the other punters in the pool most of whom will be choosing at random.

Good luck.

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