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How to Bet: Keep Records

Yes, I know it’s boring. But seriously, these days, it is very easy to keep records, especially if you have online accounts (because they keep the record for you).

But keeping records is simply an exercise in administration if you don’t regularly review those records. Look specifically at where you’re winning money. Is there a pattern there? Perhaps you have a stronger handle in sprint races, or novice hurdles. Whatever. Pay attention to where your strengths lie, and focus more on that.

Obviously, the converse is true. If you can’t help but bet on the biggest races (Group races and huge field handicaps), and you discover you haven’t backed a winner in these race types for six months, stop!

Or, and this is my preferred approach, keep a small ‘action bets’ pot, which is separate from your main punting pot. That way, you can still get involved in the races where you probably shouldn’t (from a financial perspective), but want to from an entertainment perspective.

Let’s always remember the value of small stakes betting for FUN. I know it has become somewhat ‘shouted out’ by the make money mob and the materialism of our current social malaise (don’t get me started!), but readers of geegeez remain predominantly recreational bettors and the content here is designed to fully support that.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t excuse you from keeping – and inspecting – your records! ;-)

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