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Law Of The Sod And The Gambling Gods


There is a simple reason why we all feel the gambling gods are against us but the reason is not all together obvious.

How many times have you started to follow a system or tipsters only for it to bomb on the day you joined?. For me it used to happen all the time.

I used to think I was just plain unlucky and no doubt some of you feel the same way.

You are not unlucky at all.

The simple reason it happens is because we join a service after a well publicized good run. Guess what usually come after a good run?

Yes, the inevitable bad run.

No system or tipster can be on a consistent upward curve. It just doesn’t happen. Even the best will be up and down.

The best time to promote a service is after some great recent results. The best time to join a service is actually after a bad run. This is of course if the service is proven to be profitable long term.

For example sometimes with my own betting I will actually increase my stakes after a bad run. This is not an easy thing to do but it works with solid systems or tipsters.

The lesson here is that it really doesn’t matter about the current form of a service. It is long term steady growth that matters.

The gambling gods aren’t welcome in Bet City we prefer to make our own luck.

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