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Multiple Accounts


If you are using just one or two bookie accounts to place your bets you are already at a massive disadvantage and quite frankly missing out.

Bookies will do all sorts to entice you to bet with them. This includes plenty of free money in the form of matched deposits or free bets. We must take advantage of these.

The main reason we should have multiple bookie accounts is we need to get the best odds available every single time we bet.

Bookies will often be miles apart when pricing up a race especially early on. If we are betting at 8/1 when we could be getting 12/1 elsewhere we are severely disadvantaged. Even betting at 5/2 when we could be getting 11/4 will take its toll long term.

Many tipsters and systems rely on early best prices to earn a profit.

Two punters could in theory be placing exactly the same bets and seeing totally different results.

Getting best odds is absolutely vital to securing a long term profit.

Most punters will have one or two accounts and take the prices on offer. Most gamblers lose money consistently.

Don’t become one of the 98% of betting losers. Always always get best odds and take advantage of those bookies offers.

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