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The Mayor’s Story


Here you can read how the Mayor of Bet City dragged himself up from the city ghetto to reside in the Bet City headquarters


This is the story so far of my betting career and not all of it is comfortable reading especially for me but maybe it will help you, if I had read this year’s ago it would have helped me.

I remember the first tip I ever received like it was yesterday. I was stood in a smoky bookies fresh faces and without a clue about anything.

My eyes and ears were drawn to a thick set man who was very animated. I saw him give little snippets of wisdom to the other punters so I thought I would try my luck.

I sidled up to him and in my deepest manly voice asked him

“Have you got any tips?”

He looked me up and down and gave me my first ever tip

“If you’ve got a cream carpet don’t buy a black dog”

Well that was me put in my place but just as I was sheepishly walking away he added

“And don’t back McCoy, I’ve been backing him all day and he wouldn’t win on Red Rum”

Unbeknownst to me I had just been introduced to my first ever betting system.

I remember thinking a few years later, that guy must have cleaned up on McCoy and must have retired on his winnings. Of course I was wrong…

I kept being wrong for quite a few years and during those years I lost a lot of money.

Advice isn’t always bad of course and a few years later I received some advice that would change my betting forever. This time in the rather more glamorous location of Las Vegas

After losing much of my holiday fund on the dreaded road to ruin that is roulette I wandered battered and bruised into a sportsbook (American bookies) located at the MGM Grand only to find more battered and bruised gamblers.

It wasn’t much different to the bookies back home really except it was on a much grander scale with huge screens showing endless American sports.

You see up to this point I had been developing into the typical losing gambler. I was betting every day cursing my losses and then chasing them and it all came to a boil just before my trip.

I was looking for winners that weren’t there and by the end of the month I was betting with my overdraft or even worse on credit cards!

I just could not handle the losing bets or the losing run that I was on.

I went to sit down at one of the desks and a middle aged man with a huge cigar in his mouth came and sat beside me.

“Where are you from” He asked

I told him I was from the U.K and his face lit up, he explained that he loved horse racing and would love to come to England for one of the big meetings.

We chatted for a while and we got onto the subject of my betting. I don’t know if it was the booze or the late hour but I pretty much poured my heart out to him and told him I was quitting gambling all together when I got home, Vegas was to be my last hurrah.

He shook his head and said

“It’s not your selections that are making you lose it’s your attitude”

I didn’t know what he meant but before I could ask any questions he began to tell me a story

“A seasoned gambler down on his luck takes his last 10 dollars to the racetrack. He studies the card and selects a 7/1 shot that he fancies that duly romps home.

Nothing ventured nothing gained the man puts all his winnings onto an outsider that has taken the man’s fancy in the next race and it romps home at huge odds

The next race arrives so again he piles on and his choice comes from 4th to 1st in a flash and beats the favourite on the line

On to the next race and it’s his banker of the day and at evens the bet will double his money

It fades badly in the latter stages and come’s a distant 4th…..

As the man is leaving the track he bumps into an old friend who asks him

“How did you do buddy”

To which the man replies

“Not bad, I only lost 10 dollars”

Now I don’t condone anybody betting like a maniac but it’s strange how some stories stick with you and how they affect your thinking

Before I heard this every losing bet felt like the end of the world to me but what I took from this story was invaluable. I assumed that the gambler in question wasn’t a loony and was so confident in his own ability that even during a losing run his confidence in himself was not dented even after coming so close to a perfect day.

From that day on I stopped gambling and started learning and my bank balance never looked the same again.

After years of learning I reached a point where I was close to the frame of mind the gambler had in the story .

Unfortunately before that point I did the usual gamblers apprenticeship and at the start of my betting career it was anything but profitable. In fact for a time I would say it was disastrous!! It was an awful period and I lost thousands upon thousands of pounds but you can’t put a price on education and an education was what I was getting all be it an expensive one.

It felt like every tipster I followed started the inevitable losing run on the day I joined and every fancy I didn’t bet on romped home at huge odds while my short odds picks came nowhere.

I was looking for winners and only winner’s which sounds the right thing to do after all its winners that win you the money isn’t it?

Well yes and no. Ask any pro gambler and they will tell you value is where you should be looking. If you can beat the market and by that I mean betting bigger odds on a horse than the true value of winning the race then you will win money.

So how do I find value?

Many pro punters price the races up themselves and if the industry prices are larger then they make the bet but this takes time and years of experience.

So I started to look for another way and I looked and looked and…you get the idea. To cut a very long story short I found betting systems.

Happy days!! erm unfortunately not….

I lost another load of money…The reason?

Many betting systems don’t work!!! Either they are not built on firm logical foundations or the market adjusts to them and the value goes quickly or they are just plain rubbish have never and will never make money.

Fortunately after many years of looking I found a system that worked for me and quickly realised that every system and tipster were not the same.

Then after much success and under the supervision of one of the best in the business I began to design my own systems and I never looked back.

I recently decided to share my thoughts feelings and winnings with a wider audience. The citizens of Bet City.

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