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I bought a car once.

Lovely looking thing she was. Great slick exterior but for some reason when I went to view her they wouldn’t let me look under the bonnet and said they weren’t sure how many miles she had done.

I bought it anyway, it looked great from the outside.

Unfortunately the mileage turned out to be 250,00 and she blew up on the way home.

O.K. I have my moments but not even I am that stupid.

Would you have bought the car?

No, of course not so why would you buy a tipster service or a systems without seeing any results?

Results after all are what it is all about but people buy rubbish systems by the hundreds every day.

Don’t be embarrassed I have done it before more than once and been burned no doubt like you have. Sometimes we are sucked in by a list of recent winners which actually tell us nothing without seeing the list of losers.

Not all systems or tipsters can have years of results but at least 3 months must be available and verified by a review site or similar before we can even think about diving in.

Why would someone not display full results? The reason is obvious in most cases.

They don’t make any money

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