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Staking And Results


Results and staking should be simple matters.

Too often we see confusing results and confusing staking which surprise surprise leads to….. confusion.

To be a confused punter is nothing new with a million different bets and a million different sports markets avalable every day and night.

Here at Bet City we like to simplify matters.

When choosing a system or tipster to follow we need to consider a few very important things starting with how much money am I going to make?

A great consideration I am sure you will agree.

Unfortunately the answer to this will not always paint a full picture.

For example we see a tipster that has made 300 points in a year. That really is a fantastic return isn’t it?

It is at level stakes we would have made £3000 betting just £10 a point.

Sorry to shatter the illusion here but there are not many systems or tipsters that can make a profit at level stakes.

If the tipster was actually advising 10 point bets we would suddenly be betting £10 x 10 points a bet to see the same returns.

Many tipsters advise bets with strengths attached to them.

This can work for some but they might not have made any money at level stakes.

We need to look at our ROI return On Investment to get a clear conclusion on the merits of a service.

All at Bet City prefer level stake betting but concede that some tipsters make a nice profit by attaching different strengths of bets but avoid any that are advising 10 points a bet.

This can sometimes be to mislead gamblers into thinking the returns are better than they actually are.

It really is pointless to beef up stats and if you don’t spot it early on you could be pointless soon after

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