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Don’t let anybody ever tell you any different. Making a profit at betting is difficult. Really difficult.

It takes years of hard work and hours of painful study but don’t be disheartened.

You don’t have to do it because their are people out there that will do it for you for a fee of course.

You can make money following the best services. You can make a decent second income or even make it your profession if you are skilled enough at finding the right people to follow.

Here at Bet City we believe you can make money consistently like we do and we will help you to do it.

One question will always surface when discussing the merits of a service.

If the service in question is so good why don’t they just make millions betting there own selections?

The answer varies from person to person but most will mention a few of the same reasons.

Bookie accounts are closed. Even mild success will see your accounts being closed or limited. This makes things very difficult. Even on Betfair the commission rates rise the more successful you become.

Another reason is the bank manager. Bank managers don’t like gamblers. Try and get a mortgage on the back of 5 years winning results and they will probably call security.

Some successful vendors get shaky when placing big bets which limits their returns.

Losing runs don’t feel as bad if you are being paid until the results turn again.

Here in Bet City we passionately believe you can make money from following other people and we hope to be able to help you find them.




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